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From a young age, Ildiko Nagy has been interested in the human body and mind, and the psychology behind life-style choices.

A childhood spent with family who grew and preserved their own produce, cured meats, and tended a vineyard, meant it was a natural choice for her to study Health Science and Nutrition.

After graduating she travelled through Europe rediscovering traditional foods, as well as traditional methods of preservation, cultivation and cooking.

A year spent living in Italy and Hungary was particularly valuable in developing an understanding of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle, the significance of traditionally fermented and cured foods, and the need for meaning and connection through seasonal rites in our fast paced modern lives.

Now based in the pure, green island state of Tasmania, she conducts workshops on fermentation, teaches nutrition and food origins to children, and runs healthy cooking classes for both adults and children.

She also has a private practice in central Hobart for individual consultations.