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All of us eat, every day, for pleasure and to fuel our bodies. But these days the issue of food has become more complicated than it should be. We are bombarded with advertising for processed foods, low-fat foods, artificial additives and sugar loaded drinks, which can be bought everywhere. But how has this impacted our health?

The ancient Greek physician Hippocrates wrote,
"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food."

This simple statement reflects what our ancestors knew nearly 2500 years ago and which still applies today - that what we eat greatly affects our health, it can make us unwell or heal us.

In ancient mythology, it is said that the Phoenix is a bird which lives for 500 years. When it grows tired, it builds a fire and casts itself onto the flames before being reborn from the ashes. The saying 'to rise out of the ashes' is thus attributed to this story.

At Phoenix Health we believe everyone has the ability to rise and renew their health. We aim to help people through the confusion of what foods to eat, what works for them and what's best left on the supermarket shelves. As you leave your lethargic, old self behind you will be amazed at how vibrant and energetic you feel... Revitalised and renewed, like the Phoenix.

Renew yourself with Phoenix Health.